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Our Kings

Regional Winner Supreme Grand Champion

Raggymay Handsome Man of East End
Blue Point Bicolor

Sire: CH Darlinlildolls Andrew Jackson
Dam: Simonsezz Sweet Emeline

Congratulations Handsome!

TICA’s #1 Best Ragdoll in the North East Region 2011-2012

TICA’s #1 Best Blue Bicolor North East 2011-2012

TICA’s #3 Best Longhair Cat North East 2011-2012

TICA’s #5 Best Ragdoll Internationally 2011-2012

TICA’s #8 Best Allbreed Champion North East Region 2011-2012


RFCI’s #2 Best Championship Ragdoll


Regional Winner 2nd Best Ragdoll Kitten in Northeast 2010-2011

Regional Winner 10th Best Allbreed Kitten in Northeast 2010-2011

TICA 16th Best Ragdoll Kitten for Year 2010-2011

Handsome is a magnificent high-mitted blue point bicolor from North Carolina. I would like to thank his breeder Edie Casey of Raggymay for this gorgeous boy, he is one of a kind! He has massive boning and great body type with perfect markings. His exquisite deep blue eyes are beautifully shaped, and he has wonderful head structure. Handsome has a gentle, sweet, loving personality, and loves to play. He’s also a purr-pot who loves to cuddle, he begs for attention by rolling over for belly rubs. He is the whole package: great looks, healthy and wonderful temperament. I can’t gush enough about him! Handsome has retired from showing in TICA, and finished his career as one of the top Ragdolls in the world! He now enjoys relaxing at home and making gorgeous babies!

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  • Lehigh Valley, Pa- March 25-27, 2011: Handsome’s first TICA show was great! He not only received 8 Finals and 9 BOB’s (Best of Breeds) but was also the #1 Ragdoll kitten of the show!  We should have stayed for the 3rd day of this three day show! lol
  • Ansonia, CT- April 29-May 1, 2011: Handsome’s second show was tremendous! He received a whopping 14 Finals and 16 BOB’s, was awarded the Best Ragdoll Kitten in the Ragdoll Kitten Congress, and was not only the top scoring Ragdoll kitten but also the #1 Best Kitten in Show! Amazing! This may make Handsome a NE Regional Winner, and in only 1.6 shows!! Well done, Handsome!! (you can see his ribbons on our Show Page!)

Handsome is now a Regional Winner in the Kitten Division!

  • Portage, Indiana May 28-29, 2011: Handsome had an awesome 1st Adult show! He received 8 Finals and won 5 Congresses, which included two Best Cats, and a Best Cat in an All-Male Congress! Handsome is now a one-show Double Grand Champion in TICA!!
  • Waukesha, Wisconsin June 11-12, 2011: Handsome’s 2nd Adult show was another success! He won 8 Finals in a very competitive field of beautiful cats, making him a two-show Quadruple Grand Champion! I am so proud of him and grateful for the opportunity to show such a wonderful Ragdoll! Good boy, Handsome!
  • Northeast Regional Show, Sturbridge, Massachusetts August 20-21, 2011: Handsome had a great show at our first Regional show, receiving 6 Finals! He also received his Regional Kitten awards for 2nd Best Ragdoll Kitten and 10th Best Allbreed Kitten! Congratulations, my sweet Handsome Man!
  • TICA ANNUAL, September 3-4, 2011: Wow! Handsome had a phenomenal show at our very first TICA Annual! He received 11 Best of Breeds and 9 Finals at the biggest International show of the year! At the end of the show he also received the 3rd Best of the Best Award in the Championship class! Handsome is developing into a stunning adult at only 11 months old!
  • Cape Cod, MA, September 17-18, 2011: Congratulations Handsome! He received 2 Best Cats among his 11 Final wins at Cape Cod! He is now a Supreme Grand Champion in TICA!! He is a one-of-a-kind Ragdoll and words can’t express how much I love him!

Handsome is Regional Winner again, this time in the Champion division!

Well done Handsome, we are so proud of you!