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Ragdoll Kittens

Our kittens are strictly indoor only please! Here on Long Island we have a deer tick problem, and cats are susceptible to all the diseases these parasites transmit to human and feline alike. Even some screened-in porches allow access for these tiny parasites. Outdoors the Ragdoll can fall victim to traffic, predatory animals and other cats, as they lack the defenses to fight off aggressors.

There is absolutely no de-clawing of our kittens, this is called a tendonectomy and is a surgical operation where the first digit of bone and tendon is removed from the cats toes. It is so inhumane and barbaric that European countries have banned it’s practice altogether. Cats can experience terrible pain for the rest of their lives and radical behavioral changes (such as aggression and improper elimination) from being declawed.

If you are single and work full time, we strongly recommend getting two kittens to keep each other company. It improves their quality of life, they get very lonely being all by themselves all day long while you are out of the house. We will not be selling single kittens who will be left alone all day long without a companion.

 Available Kittens
Updated March 6, 2017


One seal lynx bicolor female – pet quality

One blue lynx mitted female – show quality

Next Litter Due in April, 2017!!!

Now accepting reservations

Possible colors/patterns: blue and seal, in mitted and bicolor, with possible Lynx

Some adults available to select homes: please contact for more information

Now accepting reservations for SUMMER/AUTUMN 2017 litters!

Please call or email for photos and information for any available Ragdolls







(If we have not received a deposit, then your name is not on the wait list)


Here are some of our available kittens: call or email for info